Duraahn-Jacinth War

The Battle of Ubed-Shai

In the previous adventure, our intrepid heroes received word of a massive battle that was soon to take place between armies of Duraahn and Jacinth. They accompanied Fernando’s men to the Duraahn camp to bolster the strength of Duraahn’s army and attempt to talk the Jacinth army out of fighting. They met Cambridge again who was leading the Duraahn army into battle, and he went over the battle plan with them. The following morning our heroes rode out with an honor guard to parlay with some of the enemy, but the Jacinth forces refused to desist. They showed no surprise at our heroes’ insistence that their nation was allied with monsters and dark magic, and instead confirmed that the army behind them contained such ilk. The battle was then joined; Jacinth took and held a nearby hill that allowed them to rain arrows upon the battlefield (Killing Fernando, whose men had been sent to take the hill), but Duraahn’s strategy (and the combat skills and inspiring leadership of Herak and Ichabod) prevailed in the end. The few Jacinth survivors fled and were pursued, and our two heroes took prisoner an officer who had been riding a lizard-beast into battle.



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