Cambridge is a Knight-Captain of Duraahn (near the top of their military hierarchy), and is a decorated war veteran. He served with Lord Uther in The Darkness, and the two developed a friendship. His exploits with the future king made him somewhat of a local hero, and many who pass him on the streets of the city know his name and his face. Uther values his counsel as a seasoned warrior grounded in reality, and regularly seeks his opinion on matters even though he is not a noble. His duties these days have been reduced to patrolling the city and training new recruits, but as the war with Jacinth has escalated he’s starting to see a return to some front-line action where his talents are best put to use.

He gave our intrepid adventurers their first quest, got them an audience with Lord Uther, and stays in contact with them via letters, keeping abreast of their adventures and pointing them towards rumors or abnormalities that he’s heard about.

He has a cheerful personality and enjoys a good adventure story almost as much as he enjoys a good drink. Cambridge cares for the fate of any men placed in his charge, and hates to see soldiers’ lives wasted. He has a high sense of honor and duty, and attempts to instill the same values in any men that he trains.


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